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Congratulations On Your Engagement! Now the Hard Part (Wedding Planning) Begins...But Hopefully We C

The ring is an important first step on the road to a wedding, but we know all too well the amount of planning that takes place after a proposal.

From selecting a venue to choosing the photographer, invites, florals, hair, makeup, cake, and colour scheme (for starters)...the list can sometimes seem endless.

With so many vendors out there, it can be difficult to decide which people, products, and companies to trust.

That is why we are excited to help make things a little easier for our clients.

A very special "Congratulations on Your Luxura Engagement" package is in the works for our newly-engaged couples.

In this package, you will find info and special promotions from carefully selected vendors whom we absolutely adore.

For instance, we are beyond thrilled to offer Luxura clients an exclusive promo from Present Day Gifts, a fabulous Canadian company that sends beautiful modern gift boxes filled with curated (and often local) artisan goodies to anywhere in North America.

These gorgeous gift boxes have been featured everywhere from House and Home to The Social TV to Breakfast Television and Marilyn Dennis.

We have personally sent custom Present Day gift boxes to friends, family, and colleagues across Canada, and we love how easy it is to give a stunning yet meaningful gift.

Present Day creates gift boxes and baskets for any occasion: housewarming, new baby, welcome boxes, you name it...but we especially love the Wedding Party boxes, which can be customized for each individual member of your wedding party for a truly personalized gift.

What better way to ask your bridesmaids or groomsmen to stand up for you?

We look forward to sharing more about Present Day and the other amazing vendors in our Luxura Engagement Package in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!

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